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3 Things Your Customer Support Should Do

Here’s the thing about customer support You’ll eventually come across a frustrated and angry customer. Even if you have not said anything yet, their patience have worn thin. And you’re at the receiving end of that balled up anger and frustration.

Here’s a tip.

Listen. Acknowledge their problem. Empathize.

Don’t reason because that’s not going to pacify their anger.

Don’t give them jargons and legalities.

You’re just pouring more fuel to the fire.

What you want to happen is to lead them to a space where you can have a conversation and an interaction that is productive.

And yes, there are customers who come to you with issues that are ridiculous, or with demands that are just too much. And sometimes, there are really problems that you can’t solve.

But what you need to understand is this. You need to put out their raging fire of frustration and anger first before you get to the issue that caused them to blow up.

Listen, acknowledge, and empathize. The moment you make a person feel seen, heard, and listened to, they become less aggressive, more engaging, and more likely to believe that your goal is to help them out.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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