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What Makes a Great Customer Support

In our last dentist appointment, my session finished way earlier than Alla’s. While I was waiting, the receptionist, knowing that Alla and I leave together, and that Alla left her phone, immediately informed me that she’ll still be awhile.

Hearing that, I checked the time and asked if I could just come back in 30 minutes and settle our bill then. More than just saying, “sure”, she volunteered to give me a call when Alla is done.

She didn’t have to call me. She could’ve just let me come back after 30 minutes and if Alla’s not yet done, I could either wait or leave again. Or if Alla was done before 30 minutes, she’d have to wait. Instead of letting us do these, she thought of what would be best which is to call me.

This is a good example of a great customer experience - going beyond what is needed. It is a simple gesture but in doing so, she has created a wonderful experience for us. She showed us that she was thinking of ways to make everything much more convenient for us.

This is what differentiates good customer support versus great customer support.

✔️ Be willing to go beyond what is needed. ✔️ Think 3 steps ahead of the customer. ✔️ Add a personal touch with how you interact with her. ✔️ Make everything convenient for your customer. ✔️ Make her feel that she is important and taken care of.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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