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What We’ve Learned in Our First Couple of Years

In just a couple of days, ineedamichee or INAM is turning 2. Yup - 2 years since Alla and I decided to finally do something about this “demand” that all of our friends were telling us exists.

2 years ago, we decided to dive in (while working on our day jobs) and just say, “Let’s just see. If nothing happens, then nothing happens. If something happens, then … **smirk**”.

So we set it up.

We told people, hopped on exploratory calls and on March 15th, we had our first ever paying client.

The first client that ever trusted us - our beta client that paved the way for everything that INAM is now. Since then we’ve grown, changed, faced what we thought were impossible situations and learned a lot. Here are some of the important ones:

1. Evolution is inevitable

Your product or service will evolve. Your values will change. You will evolve. It’s not a matter of if but of when. As you interact with various clients, you will need to open those eyes and ears - you have to see and listen to what they want. You’ll need to let go of your initial product and let it grow and change with your market. Be open and be aware of those things.

2. You’ve got to let go

Not just your product / service but of yourself as well. While at the beginning, you have no choice but to do everything yourself and be in control of everything, soon enough, you’ll need to let some things go. Delegate - it will be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and your business.

3. Be super picky with the people you hire

If it’s not a “hell yes”, don’t. The people you hire will be the biggest investments you’ll make. Take your time to find the right people. Never settle. Really picture yourself and your team - can you work with this person? Can you see this person growing with you? I cannot stress this enough - take your time to find the right person. Hiring the wrong person will waste more of your time and resources.

4. You are not for everyone

There would be some people that would try to undermine you and what you created. They’d call you expensive or even tell you that they could go to your competition just to get you to give them a discount. DON’T. You are not for everyone and that’s good. If they need to make you feel bad to get a discount, then it’ll just be hard for you to work with them. Whatever it is that you are bringing out into the world - remember, you have existing clients / customers that see the value of what you’ve created. You want them - not someone that tries to make you feel worthless.

5. Always go for Quality over Quantity

While seeing “likes” go up, these don’t necessarily mean revenue. It is better to have a small number of followers that really believe in you and your product (high-quality leads) than have thousands that do not even know why they’re there. Remember, a lot of attention does not equate impact.

That’s it so far. If you’re reading this, thank you for letting us make an impact in your life.

Here’s to more lessons and here’s to growth!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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