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When Something Goes Wrong…

The service van that arrived for our offsite wasn’t the one we originally picked. We weren’t warned beforehand. What arrived was an old one and the AC was not working properly. If you have been to the Philippines, you’ll know that temperatures here especially during the summer season can get really searing and especially when you’re coming from Manila.

It’s going to be a long and hellish 3-hour ride.

But our team is here. All of them present, and they were happily chatting and laughing at a joke someone said. They didn’t mind the heat too much. They are too excited to have finally met in person. And no searing temperature can make them less excited about the idea of spending some fun time together.

For 3 days.

By the beach.

I love the fact that they refused to bathe in the negative. AC’s not working? Okay, let’s open the windows. So we did as soon as we got out of the city. And we got to breathe fresh air. Which was a nice treat.

So when something goes wrong, don’t bathe in that thing that went wrong. Look at what’s gone right. They’re plenty compared to that one little glitch.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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