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The Unbelievable Disconnect between Founders and Customer Support

After several months of not caring about Customer Support, Maria is finally experiencing the backlash of not paying attention. The first sign was, people were starting to comment in her social media marketing posts about their customer related issues and the lack of customer support. Maria finally hires a customer support person and lo and behold, it was like opening pandora’s box. 😵

Countless emails unanswered.

Customers contacting the company were left ignored pushing them to ask for refunds and cancellations and yet, nothing. Maria’s customer support knows it will be awhile before this gets turned around. People are angry and people will talk. Soon, Maria’s baffled with the huge dip in her sales. No matter how much ads and content she puts out there, sales are at an all time low.

She hounds her team for possible answers.

She concentrates on numbers and conversions, never connecting how bad customer support or the lack thereof caused this series of events. Surprisingly, Maria’s situation is not uncommon.

Most of the entrepreneurs I work with fail to see how Customer Support is such a game changer for their business.

They only see customer support as that department or person that would need to answer the “simple” questions of their target market. Questions that can be really found in the FAQ, but someone’s got to answer those right? Here’s the thing though - your Customer Support can make or break your business.

The way you serve and interact with your customers (aka people who believe in your brand and business) will either negate or back up your marketing and your product.

No matter how brilliant your ads or content are if people are dissatisfied with how you solve their issues, you might as well be talking to a brick wall. Your Customer Support is your daily marketing and sales machine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Customer Support is a completely unrelated department.

The people that your customer support department deals with are your hottest leads.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Think about it, they have either already purchased something from you or they are so interested that they took the time to type out a freaking message. You got ‘em hooked. Will you let them wiggle their way out or will you keep them hooked for good? Here’s a challenge, if you want to scale, if you’re wondering why your sales are taking a hit, dive into your customer support daily, for 1 week. Read all the emails and solve your customer’s issues. Not only will you find out why your sales are the way they are, you will know what you need to do to take your business to the next level.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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